Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I continue to focus on the fact that we are clearly in our second decade of a "network enabled" society.

These past few days have been marked by several anniversaries, some of loss and others of joy but all around people who are or have been a part of my life. These relationships are such a crucial part of life. I've been able to share this loss and joy with my virtual family. It makes me wonder as we move the strategy for 3D Internet if we can quantify at this very early juncture the value of humanity as it relates to knowing each other, meeting and working together no matter where the "space". We are afterall meeting now in Cyberspace the next great space!
I remind my team regularly that knowing people-- no matter where you meet is important, who are they, what do they enjoy, about their family or friends, a sincere exchange. I'm honored to be introduced to family and friends and find this no matter where it takes place. I think this is one reason why people in the virtual worlds are creating psuedo relationships. For example, I'm not only a Kearney but a Witte. Rita and Josh write about this in their blog. It's fascinating because somehow I feel related to other Witte's. Identity does matter and although we now have multiple roles and facets to our identity I find that at some level it's all about connecting to and with People.


epredator said...

I was just reading the Gartner article on Generation V it is very much in keeping with the idea that we get to know people, not because they are in a particular age group, but because of shared interests in what those people do, whether social or work related.
The whole virtual world and web 2.0 wave is actually installing people back into the loop. It is this that has made so many people prosumers and unleashed creativity and ideas way more than anything else we have seen over the past few years.

Sandy's blog said...

I could not agree more Ian!