Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two Panels in Three Days

This week was busy with the NDU panel on Thursday and the v-business Expo today.
It was fun and exciting to see PEOPLE get the value of a sensory web and 3D Internet.
We humans are so adaptive! I can't imagine what life will be like when this is the norm.

A recap from the panels:
Thursday's panel was focused on People inside the 3D Internet. It was wonderful, with (given in the order they were seated) David Kralik from America's Solutions, Tammy Johns, Manpower and Rita King and Josh Fouts from Dancing Inc. with Nick Wilson, Clever Zebra holding us up on the mixed media virtual environment side. Each had something very valuable to contribute, considering their part in working with people to advance the future of work, diplomacy, staffing and policy. I can't say enough about the extremely well thought out responses and ideas the panel provided.
Saturday was more of a presentation. I truly enjoyed my Saturday mid day at Clever Zebra Island sharing with people from around the world, my perspective on 3D Internet. From the evolution of the web to the future of 3D Internet, I truly believe we have a great opportunity and I'm thankful as a futurist to be able to share my insight on the needs and challenges in this space. Nick Wilson, his team and sponsors have really done a nice job in holding real virtual expos and I expect others will quickly follow this lead.
Cheers to those who are stepping up: Paulette Robinson, Nick Wilson and the many folks giving unselfishly to speak out and LEAD this era. As I said on Thursday, if it were not for 3D Internet we (and the number continues to grow) would not be together-- Crossing the Loosely Coupled Divide of this Globally Integrated World.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NDU Federal Consortium

These are exciting times.

Tomorrow I'm heading a private panel at the NDU Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds or as we call it in IBM, 3D Internet. It's exciting because I think back to two years ago, having this really robust discussion with Irving Wladawsky-Berger around the future of the 3D Internet. I summarized my thoughts to him, based on my experience as a pilot and the history of the Internet, it was something like this-- It's 3D Internet Irving it will be be big for the government. It is big for governments! It seems governments stand to gain so much in the way of collaboration and "loose coupling" it's time we "connected the dots."

Tomorrow, I will write a post to summarize the panel and the discussion.

The premise for the panel is focused on PEOPLE, which is what I believe is different about 3D Internet. We are afterall, in the second decade of a "network enabled society". I have asked Tammy Johns from Manpower, Rita King and Josh Fouts from Dancing Ink, David Kralik from Americas Solutions and Nick Wilson from Clever Zebra to join me and to share their unique and wonderful experiences in 3D Internet and as Rita would say the early days of the Imagination Age. Dan Pink might argue we are well into the Conceptual Age. He has a new book out...wonder if it's on target with Rita's thoughts...need to read it and review for another blog. Either way it is an extraordinary group for tomorrow's panel. Tomorrow will be fun. It's all about people and each of the panelist GET THAT.........I look forward to writing about the panel and the consortium.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just a beginning


After years of reading others blogs and commenting, I've decided to write one of my own.

It will likely be,as most things are in my life, a large experiment of participation-- vice specatator-- effort.

Along the way, in the past few years, I've grown to respect the words of Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Cory Ondrejka and my good friends Ian Hughes and Rita King. Whenever I'm reading their blogs I am compelled to write my own thoughts not always as comments but derivations of thought or even stream of conscious response.

Ultimately, what amazes me most about blogging is the connections. I find myself reading Rita's blog and catching up on Ian or reading Irving's blog and rolling to the next person I've wanted to catch up with but not had time to connect.

I do believe that blogging in this second decade of the network enabled society is very important and that staying connected at a deeper level has become as much art as science. Now we will see if anyone picks up on my blog and more important will I keep up with a blog.

Thanks to those of you who wax eloquent in your blogs. Here's to blogging!