Sunday, June 29, 2008

Travel Fast, Blogging Slow

It has been a busy month and I'm surprised to find the month is over.
With travel and work taking up more than 100% of my time I find it almost
impossible to sit down and think coherantly about life, love and the pursuit
of happiness. OK hokey but true.

This month we are in Arizona and it is nice to enjoy a much slower pace and
truly connect in real life with family. To watch as everyone enjoys success
or just plain fun.

We celebrated my cousins achievement in getting his Registered Architect License
here in Arizona. He is so smart and has a wonderful family.

Next week we will be with media and entertainment companies watching and talking
about 3D Internet, security and Identity.......what it all means.

I'm thinking there is something in the choke points of the virtual environments:
Identity Management, Intellectual Property and Scalability. My next adventure as
I move from Directing the Emerging Business Unit to what lies ahead. Here is to
July 2008.