Friday, June 5, 2009

He's my brother

I'm finding my niche in life. I always knew my purpose was helping others, but I'm now finding that to formalize the approach and really stretch in helping others during these difficult times, brings even more satisfaction and deeper relationships.

I truly hope this country can move beyond the "FRANCHISED" approach to everything and get back to the BASICS. Loving and helping others. There is no greater satisfaction than to give and more so in times of need. Certainly, with the massive layoffs at places like IBM there's massive need. Today we do not have the close knit communities as in FDR's day but we do have the ability to connect far and wide with the Internet......we must use each and every social networking tool to rescue those in need and to upright the American Culture and Economy! Here's to the Innovation Corp of America!

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Domenic Merlino said...

Hi Sandy,

I'm glad that I discovered your blog and am hoping we can keep in touch.

Domenic Merlino