Sunday, September 4, 2011

Catholic Schools??? Where are they headed

So it's time for school to begin again for another year. I am reminded again and again and again, as we are often reminded in the Catholic School system of the issues that have been at the heart of the INSTITUTION for more than a decade. Now I'm am all about having a safe environment for my children, but seriously, there are now five training programs for parents who "might" volunteer to help out in the school. I've attended all of the three pre required programs and the new ones have obviously come about as a result of the Archdiocese lack of response to "dormant' problems. So is it really about educating the parents and weeding out the predators or is this more about insurance for the Archdiocese and the old add activity to the process it will look like we are doing something?

I think it's the latter!! Nothing has changed since the first three classes/workshops except that there was light focused on the lack of attention paid by the Catholic Priest Leadership to the issues, again I submit these were evident to all of us but "dormant" to the leadership for the past decade. So as the Pope continues his rapid "PATH TO THE PAST" the parents and children of the Catholic School System get the abuse of Courses and training and frankly NONSENSE to show that the church is "doing" something about their missive and inappropriate behavior.

The real truth is that these tactics won't hold up against a hierarchy that continues to insist on secrecy and complexity hiding the Truth of God. The truth does set one free and even the Pope for his arrogant avoidance of issues, amongst his own, can not hide the truth and ultimate love of God. So as he and the layers of his hierarchy of the Catholic Church, continue to wind up and be creative, in not dealing with reality, adding layer upon layer of "external" nonsense-- read training for families and children, complex language reintegrated into the mass and liturgy of service, we the people of faith will continue to pursue the real truth and Love of God. It will keep us free from harm and the day to day non sense of those who at the core have only religion and dogma, keeping them from reality and truth. We can only hope that this hierarchy will continue to implode which will hopefully, allow the real love and truth to prevail! And so goes the next round of ridiculous training for people who are innocent but committed to their faith!

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