Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorializing WORLD WAR II

This weekend the MidAtlantic Air Museum conducted the Gathering of Warbirds.
What fun! We ventured over for the Friday evening activities, completely unprepared for the experience. Everyone steps into the period, with aircraft, vehicles, equipment and the like, all reflective of the environment of World War II. Attendees were dressed in period attire, danced to big band and relived the "good" parts of history. It was wonderful to watch World War II Veterans jitterbug and dance the night away. We learned much about the time, from the education on carrier pigeons to various aspects of the operations: Pacific, Russia, Italy and so was a complete re enactment of one of the most significant wars of the world. As we begin the summer it's worth noting that we as a generation have been fortunate not to have experienced the consumption of the world in war as was seen during World War II. We are the lucky generation that has benefited greatly from the giving of those who serve!

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