Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work = Jobs

I can't figure out why we are having such a difficult time, in this country, creating jobs. My first thought is a simple one that we need to go after work. This was one of the basic ideas behind Roosevelt's programs. Where there was work to be done the government created programs and hired. We are seeing much of this with road construction, but the problem is that the work has a larger component that is automated by large machines and the "crews" are small in number, hired by local governments or third party providers. They move from project to project.

Maybe what we are not seeing here is micro opportunity. We can't simply look at micro anything, we have to look at ways to link these activities one to another like the pipeline of construction projects go from one road to the next.

A quick look at the system of America reveals plenty of work that needs to be done. So let's start with a look at this System we call the United States of America, not just the government system but the entire country as a system. Maybe we need a new approach beyond grants something like a Habitat for Humanity approach, where there is collective effort in a micro fashion with a goal in mind. All the infrastructure could use help. Much of the services provided, whether it's tax programs for the local boroughs, education and training or health services need work. The overarching message has to be simple, low hanging projects with micro opportunity...connect them together and put people to work. This creates jobs.

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