Thursday, February 17, 2011

Government Employees - Unsung Heroes

Today I was reminded by a friend and colleague, about the immense challenges, responsibilities and huge workload that our government employees must face everyday of the week. This motivated me to return to my blog page for a mention of their plight! I remember all to well the very long days, sometimes 20 hours, sometimes only 12 hours but days filled with immediate and most times monstrous requests. It seemed like the mountain of needs grew faster than the ability to out climb them.......I don't believe that has changed. Actually, I think it's probably worse now than least my days as a Government Servant (and I use the term in the fondest way) the economy was much better the world was a little quieter and we were still very much under the watchful eye of the those who had survived World War II, the Great Depression and many other tides of misery.
Today, with no clear path, increased complexity, maximum depersonalization and governments where the Montessorri Principle seems to be the only approach (No Fish Swims in the Same Direction) I can't even imagine getting up everyday and drudging to a government office to work. Don't misunderstand my thought, I love Montessori, but I believe it is needed at certain times and in certain settings....I could never imagine letting my child learn about fire in a free and expressive environment. There is something to be said for learning from others and from others mistakes!
So what are we to do.....First, accept that the majority of Government Employees are very hardworking individuals. They will go to work and beat their proverbial heads against huge brick walls, chipping away the Mountain, where many of us would never again tread! They are our neighbors, friends, family, colleagues, and associates. They are in the same struggle the rest of the country is in, one where they face pinkslips, reduced retirement, more work with less and not even a glimpse of Ghandian engineering on the horizon!
It's time we accept that we must do more with less for more and we should stop cursing the Servants and start Swimming in the Same Direction.

My Hats off to all the hardworking government employees and especially to my friend Michelle.


Ionel Grecescu said...

Nice thoughts Sandy... I read it because you wrote it on my B'day... and btw I agree with your comments about the government workers, wherever they are... in the near future the situation will get only worse because those workers will have to do more with less resources and the only way to achieve this will be either through technology or a "miracle".

Michael Rowe said...

When I see the government in Wisconsin stripping away the right to collective bargaining, I think we are going backward on the rights of workers. The job of a business is to make money, the job of the government is to serve the people. Why do want to treat a government employee as cost center, govern is not about making a profit! Let's get back to government service.

I do,however believe that we should be increasing the benefits of all workers, because once lost, it's hard to get them back.